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Substances: Benzyl radical, Phenyl radical, Cyclohexadienyl radical, Hydroxycyclohexadienyl radical

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Authors Journal/Source Title/Paper Data Sheet
C7H7; benzyl radical; CAS-No.: 2154-56-5
N.A. McAskill, D.F. Sangster Australian Journal of Chemistry, 30(10) 2107 - 2113, (1977) Ultraviolet absorption spectra of the benzyl radical formed during pulse radiolysis

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C6H5: phenyl radical; CAS-No.: 2396-01-2
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C6H7; cyclohexadienyl radical; CAS-No.: 12169-67-4
M. C. Sauer Jr., B. Ward J. Phys. Chem., 71 (12), 3971-3983, (1967) Reactions of hydrogen atoms with benzene and toluene studied by pulsed radiolysis: reaction rate constants and transient spectra in the gas phase and aqueous solution

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C6H7O; hydroxycyclohexadienyl radical; cyclohexadienyl, 6-hydroxy-; CAS-No.: 11084-15-4; PubChem: CID 192872
B. Fritz, V. Handwerk, M. Preidel, R. Zellner Ber. Bunsenges. Phys. Chemie, 89 (3), 343-344, (1985) Direct Detection of Hydroxy-Cyclohexadienyl in the Gas Phase by cw-UV-Laser Absorption

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