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Substances: CO, CO2, CO3, C3O2

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Authors Journal/Source Title/Paper Data Sheet
CO; carbon monoxide; CAS-No.: 630-08-0
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Additional datasheets and spectra of CO are available at  our Spectra Service
CO2; carbon dioxide; CAS-No.: 124-38-9; PubChem: CID 280
H. Sun, G.L. Weissler J. Chem. Phys., 23, 1625-1628, (1955) Absorption cross sections of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the vacuum ultraviolet

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related data (quantum yield studies; photolysis studies, etc.)
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CO3; carbon trioxide; CAS-No.: 3812-32-6
H. Taube, P. R. Jones J. Phys. Chem., 75 (19), 2991-2996, (1971) Molar absorptivity of carbon trioxide

C3O2; carbon suboxide; propa-1,2-diene-1,3-dione; CAS-No.: 504-64-3; PubChem: CID 136332
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