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UV/Vis+ Photochemistry Database

TSIS-1 Hybrid Solar Reference Spectrum (HSRS)

The Total and Spectral Solar Irradiance Sensor-1 (TSIS-1) Hybrid Solar Reference Spectrum (HSRS) is a new solar irradiance reference spectrum representative of solar minimum conditions between solar cycles 24 and 25.


Wavelength range: 202 nm to 2730 nm

Spectral resolution: 0.01 nm to ~0.001 nm (variants are also provided at lower, fixed, spectral resolution).

Time range: representative of a 1-week average from Dec 1, 2019 to Dec 7, 2019

Uncertainty: <400 nm = 1.3%; 400 nm to 460 nm = 0.5%; 460 nm to 2365 nm = 0.3%; >2365 nm = 1.3%

For more information, please see: Coddington, O.M., Richard, E.C., Harber, D., Pilewskie, P., Woods, T.N., Chance, K., et al. (2021). The TSIS-1 hybrid solar reference spectrum, Geophysical Research Letters, 48, e2020GL091709.

Download data: (provided by LASP, University of Colorado)