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RoC Control File

The operation of RoC is determined by a control file called roc.ctl. 

Reaction Databases

The first eight lines of the control file specify the input reaction databases. These database were those selected by Pick that involve the list of chemical constituents specified by the user and that satisfy the reaction selection and rejection switches of the pick control file. The reaction database types are:

Adjoint Control Switch

The last line of the file is the adjoint control switch. If it is 1 then the adjoint code is also automatically generated.

'react-bi.lst' : bimolecular reaction file.
'react-tr.lst' : trimolecular reaction file.
'react-ph.lst' : photolysis reaction file.
'react-h.lst' : heterogeneous reaction file.
'react-uh.lst' : unimolecular heterogeneous reaction file.
'react-trans.lst' : bulk-gas phase transfer file.
'react-bulkbi.lst' : bulk phase bimolecular file.
'react-cr.lst' : cosmic ray reaction file.
1 : Whether adjoint code is wanted. 


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