science-softCon UV/Vis+ Spectra Data Base (UV/Vis+ Photochemistry Database)

Spectral information (gas, liquid and solid phase from EUV-VUV-UV-Vis-NIR) and related data (e.g.  information concerning publications on quantum yield studies or photolysis studies) from published papers. This database is a work in permanent progress. Additional spectra and datasheets will be added continuously.

Database access. Spectra Service (via IP-number), Spectra Service (via password), list of universities/governmental organizations which have campus-wide full access via IP-number.

Substance Groups

Alkali Compounds

Aromatic Compounds

Carbon Oxides


Halogenated Alkanes, Alkenes

Halogenated Aromatics

Halogenated Carbonyl Compounds

Halogenated Nitrogen Compounds




Nitrogen Acids

Nitrogen/Nitrogen Oxides

Noble Gases

Organic Acids/Esters

Organic Carbonyl Compounds

Organic Nitrogen Compounds

Organic Peroxy Compounds

Other Oxygenated Organics

Oxygen Hydrogen Compounds

PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons)

PBDE (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers)

PCDD (Polychlorinated Dibenzodioxins)




Sulfur Compounds

Other Species (not yet categorized)

Related Data and Information

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To minimize the bureaucratically expenditure a one-time registration for university libraries and governmental organizations is possible from now on. However, we do charge a one time registration fee of 950 EURO for such institutions to help maintain this non-profit service to the scientific community. So, a one-off expense, which includes the latest issue of the “UV/Vis+ Spectra Data Base” CD-ROM series, will provide your institution permanent access to this fast growing database (spectral data, datasheets, additional photochemistry data and information) via IP-number. Please note that the database is more than 19 years on-line and in permanent progress, additional spectra/datasheets will be added continuously. For more information please contact our helpdesk.

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