The DUST-2 CD-ROM contains the following data sets:

Mission Sensor Trace gases Period of time Format
ATLAS-1 MAS O3, H2O (Profiles) 27.03.-02.04.92 HDF
ATLAS-2 MAS O3, H2O (Profiles) 10.04.-15.04.93 HDF
ATLAS-3 MAS O3, H2O (Profiles) 03.11.-04.11.94 HDF
ATLAS-1,2,3 MAS O3 (Profiles) ATLAS 1-3 XLS
ATLAS-1,2,3 MAS H2O (Profiles) ATLAS 1-3 XLS
ATLAS-1 MAS O3 (Profiles) 27.03.-02.04.92 CSV
ATLAS-2 MAS O3 (Profiles) 10.04.-15.04.93 CSV
ATLAS-3 MAS O3 (Profiles) 03.11.-04.11.94 CSV
ATLAS-1 MAS H2O (Profiles) 27.03.-02.04.92 CSV
ATLAS-2 MAS H2O (Profiles) 10.04.-15.04.93 CSV
ATLAS-2 MAS H2O (Profiles) 03.11.-04.11.94 CSV
ERS-2 GOME O3 (Columns) 01-12/1999 HDF
Earth Probe TOMS O3 (Columns) 15.08-12.12.99 ASCII

(*) The MAS HDF data should only to be used  with DUST-1 software (Due to internal conversion within the DUST-1 software).

Please Note: The total ozone columns of the GOME-instrument (1996-1998) are available at DUST-1 CD-ROM.


2001 MPAe, science-softCon